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Learn How to Sell Using Instagram & Profit!

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The landscape of digital marketing is changing faster and faster with each passing year. We need to be constantly aware of where our customers are spending their time and attention. At the moment the fastest growing social media platform is Instagram. Users are spending an enormous amount of time and attention on this platform. This makes Instagram a great place to connect with your customers.

So lets get into one of the ways to easily sell on Instagram. The aim of this method is to create an exclusive channel where users can buy your products. This means that you will have to add some value to the offers/products you want to sell. For example a special discount that is only available to users that came to your site from Instagram. Now we are starting to create a good marketing opportunity that will convert. There are 4 things that make a compelling offer :

Offering a good discount or value-add to the customer increases the value for money that they receive.

Make the customer feel important. Give them opportunity to buy this product at a discounted price. This can be one of the main contributing factors in converting a potential buyer into a customer.

Creating a sense of urgency can greatly increase conversions from potential buyers to sales. “This deal could be gone tomorrow!” – this thought process leads to customers making more emotional purchases.

A Good Product
This is the most important aspect of  them all. You need to have a product that people want to buy. You can have the best marketing campaign, but if your product does not serve the customer’s needs well, your sales will suffer.

So, say for example we are selling wines. Lets look at the steps to creating a great offer on Instagram. We will be using @WineDeals as our case study as they inspired this post.

  1. Take a good photo of the bottle you want to sell.
    – Instagram is at its core a visual platform, so compelling visuals are key to success.
  2. Explain your discounted offer in the caption/description.
    – Here you can describe the offer ( eg. 25% off ) and give some information about the product you are selling.
  3. Make sure to mention the discount code
  4. Tell the user that they can buy using the link in your bio
  5. Use the relevant hashtags and mentions in your post to get the most reach



This post is a great offer. It adds value with discount and free shipping, gives the relevant product information and creates exclusivity as this deal is only available on Instagram.

The Problem
The one problem with this approach is that you can only have one link in your bio. So in other words you cannot send the user directly to the specific wine mentioned above on the website. The user must now remember the code, then click the link in the bio which takes them to a list of Wine Deal products on their shop. The customer must now find the wine mentioned in the post, and then remember the code they saw to get the discount. This is a massive barrier to conversion into sales as a lot of customers can get lost, not find the right wine or forget the code.

The Solution is a tool developed to solve this problem.

How does it work?
After registering on you will get your own customisable landing page – see an example here. You can add your own background image and logo to personalise your site. Now you can start adding what we call LinkPerch Links. You can add a link for each product. With each link you enter a unique code that you will use in your Instagram post.

You can now change the link in your bio to your unique url. eg.

Follow all the same steps as above, but this time you use the code you added in your link for the specific wine. The customer will now read the post and click the link in your bio and get sent to your website. Something like the below:



The user now enters the code you provided and they get instantly directed to the specific product page. You can create specific pages or products for your Instagram deals and send your users directly to them. All they have to do is checkout. They no longer have to fumble around the website to find the product in question.

With you can have one link in your bio, but many destinations that you can send your customers too.

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2 Responses to "Learn How to Sell Using Instagram & Profit!"
  1. This is great! How would it work in a B2B environment – where I sell data updates and Customer Life Stage for a living? Its boring as a topic so how can I use your platform to make it sexy for my customers?

    • Hi Fatima, B2B can be more tricky. The secret sauce is to create content that is valuable to your customers. This can be in the form of a blog post, podcast or even a simple Instagram post. Not all content needs to be a hard sell either, sometimes a funny picture can just brighten their day. If you have written a blog post for example on the importance of a customer’s life cycle or retention, you could post a image on Instagram with the title of the post – you would then tell your followers either on the image or in the caption to enter a code after clicking the link in your bio – and they will get directed to your blogpost.

      With Instagram being one of the fastest growing and most engaging platforms, we can now use it to drive traffic to our sites, blog posts, sales pages or anywhere. See LinkPerch’s Instagram account as an example here. This is just one strategy. LinkPerch will work best as part of a integrated content and social marketing strategy. To find out more about a digital strategy you can look here.

      Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help :)

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