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Why Linkperch?

No more fumbling around your site trying to find the offer you mentioned in your post. Now you can add your personalized link in your profile and you will never again need to update it for new offers or destinations.

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Instagram is currently the most engaging social platform. This means that people are paying more attention to what they see on their Instagram feed compared to other social media channels.

Here’s the catch: it is not possible to add a link to an Instagram caption.

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You have to direct them to your profile page – where you can add a link – with the old
“Click the link in our bio strategy”.
This inevitably sends them to your home page and they still have to navigate through your site to find the relevant product, service or promotion that they’re after.

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But what if you could send your customer to different links for each post?

Now you can with!

Less than $0.05 per click!

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So how does it work?

Add Your Link

Add Your Link

Add your personalized link in your bio. Create a post on Instagram & include your code.

Enter the code

Enter the code

The user enters the code on your personalized site after clicking the link in your bio.

Get instantly directed

Get instantly directed

They get instantly directed to the url you set up with that code on your landing page.


One Link In Your Bio

You only need to place your personalized link in your bio. There’s no need to update this every time you post.

Multiple Destinations

Add links and send users to multiple destinations simply and easily. Send a user directly where you want them to be so that they can take action for that post.

Track Your Clicks

See which posts are generating the most interest and what your users are clicking.

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